Janett Pulido Zizumbo was born in Chicago, IL, USA. Currently resides in Veracruz, Mx. She has recieved a Bachelors degree from Illinois State University and a Masters degree from University of South Florida

About me.

Hello, My name is Janett Pulido Zizumbo and I have extensive experience in working with students in University Institutions, elementary schools, cultural centers and online schools for more than 8 years. My teaching philosophy is grounded in my practice as an ESL teacher, exhibiting visual artist, and an English and Spanish native speaker.

I am from Chicago, Illinois, USA and travel frequently between Mexico and the United States. I have a TESOL certificate, received my Masters degree in the Arts at the University of South Florida and a Bachelors degree in the Arts and a minor in Art History at Illinois State University. Aside from teaching, I am also an exhibiting visual artist who has exhibited artwork internationally in museums and galleries for the past 10 years.

Being bilingual myself, as a child, I always found it difficult to find resources to help with my fluency. Specifically, having grown up in the United States I only had the opportunity to learn English academically and learn Spanish through conversation with family. This is where I got the idea of creating stories for bilingual children to read and have easy access to.

Visually literacy is the basis for teaching. I find it natural to teach the language of image through the English and Spanish language. This method, along with total physical response (TPR), helps students have easier access exploring all the creative possibilities of learning a language. Designing functions as a cohesive element, ultimately, I hope my students will come away with a new understanding that will allow them to transfer what they have learned to a variety of mediums by giving them the tools to express their own ideas.

I have a strong desire to illustrate, write and create lessons because I love to inspire people and encourage them to reach their goals in life. I think being able to teach bilingual students will allow me to grow as a teacher and view life in a different perspective based on the vastness of cultures in various beautiful countries. I look forward to teaching your child through enriched reading.

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