El Lorito Arcoiris (The Rainbow Lorikeet)

While my family and I spent a few days with my sister-in-law in Australia, I have had the pleasure to come across these beautiful birds. Their colors were so vibrant and lively. I have never seen a wild bird with such variation of colors. Many Aussies are proud to say that they have the mostContinue reading “El Lorito Arcoiris (The Rainbow Lorikeet)”

El Canguro (The Kangaroo)

Buy the paperback book on Amazon Here. During my stay in Australia, the family and I spent some time in one of the nature reserves in Melbourne, Australia. We went during dusk and had a small picnic watching kangaroos hopping around completely unfazed by our presence. It was such a surreal moment to live. AContinue reading “El Canguro (The Kangaroo)”

El Koala (The Koala)

I had a lot of fun writing this reader for students. Since we have been stuck in Australia for the last year due to Covid, I thought it would be nice to include some facts about this beautiful country. You will be seeing a series of stories based on native Australian animals. I hope youContinue reading “El Koala (The Koala)”

El Cucaburra (The Kookaburra)

Readers are absolutely perfect for building fluency. These readings include a story, along with reading comprehension questions and a writing/drawing exercise all in Spanish and English. These readings are aimed at PreK/1st grade students struggling with fluency or trying to learn a new language for the first time. Los Readers son absolutamente perfectos para desarrollar la fluidez. Estos Readers incluyen una historia, junto con preguntas de comprensión de lecturaContinue reading “El Cucaburra (The Kookaburra)”