El Casuario (The Cassowary)

$1.50 Once you pay, an email will be sent to you with the lesson plan. Happy Reading! Una vez que pague, se le enviará un correo electrónico con el plan de lecciones. ¡Feliz lectura! When I visited the Healesville sanctuary in Australia, I came across one of the most interesting flightless birds I have everContinue reading “El Casuario (The Cassowary)”

El Canguro (The Kangaroo)

During my stay in Australia, the family and I spent some time in one of the nature reserves in Melbourne, Australia. We went during dusk and had a small picnic watching kangaroos hopping around completely unfazed by our presence. It was such a surreal moment to live. A pair of joeys playing with each otherContinue reading “El Canguro (The Kangaroo)”